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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Reading the recent headline, “Valencia mom wins $2.15M in CHP-discrimination case,” while eating breakfast made me spit out my cereal, especially when I read the entire article. 

How about, “CHP Lieutenant wins discrimination case” as a headline instead? That kind of headline gives her the respect she deserves as a California Highway Patrol officer. I have never seen one headline in The Signal that describes a male CHP officer as a “Valencia dad.” Can you imagine a Signal headline titled, “Valencia dad arrested criminals in recent burglary”? Yeah, me neither. 

I’m a mom who raised my son in Valencia and I’m proud of that but I think anybody would expect professional respect from a newspaper when discussing their profession. 

I love The Signal — I have lived in Santa Clarita for decades so The Signal is still an important part of my life even after moving to Granada Hills. I read it every day for the Santa Clarita Valley sports scores and local news, although sometimes I wonder why when I see headlines like this. I’d like to see more on graduating seniors, student athletes and local news I can’t get anywhere else. That’s what makes The Signal special for me.

Kathryn Pisaro 

Granada Hills

Editor’s note: The main point of the plaintiff’s lawsuit was that the CHP discriminated against her because she’s a single mom. 

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