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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In 49 B.C., Julius Caesar was returning from Gaul to Rome, where it was forbidden for Legion commanders to bring troops. Caesar paused for several days at the small river of Rubicon to ponder his decision. When he crossed, he said, “the die is cast,” knowing that his action was irreversible.

When Donald Trump was elected, he declined to prosecute Hillary Clinton for destroying evidence that was under subpoena because of the precedent it would set of using the Justice Department against one’s opponents, even if justified. Hillary responded by manipulating the FBI to investigate Trump and leaking that to the media. The resulting two-year investigation of the Russia hoax revealed … nothing. The Democrats had stepped into the Rubicon.

Now a George Soros-funded prosecutor, who campaigned on a promise to “get Trump,” set out to do just that despite having no valid reason to do so. The misdemeanors available to him were past the statue of limitations. So he claimed that they were committed in the furtherance of some unnamed federal crime. Even though we have a guilty verdict, we still don’t know what that crime was. The Babylon Bee noted that the jury instructions were, “You don’t have to find Trump guilty to convict him.” Jonathan Turley, law professor at George Washington and Alan Dershowitz, law professor emeritus from Harvard, have both said the case is “legally preposterous.” Both are Democrats and neither voted for Trump.

Three Supreme Court decisions have forbidden state courts from enforcing federal law. However, this president has a history of ignoring the Supreme Court — student loan relief for instance — so he sent the No. 3 from the Justice Department to assist in the prosecution. In addition, the appointment of Jack Smith as special counsel is clearly illegal since the special counsel act stipulates he must come from outside the Justice Department, which Smith does not.

Richard Bussell


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