Pavi Premadasan | Mall Needs a Shot in the Arm

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m writing to talk about the number of shops closing in the Valencia Town Center mall. As someone who’s grown up in Santa Clarita, it’s really sad to see so many empty stores. The mall used to be a great place to hang out, shop and grab a bite to eat, but now it feels like it’s losing its charm.

These closures affect not only the shoppers but also the people who work there and our local economy. I hope the mall management and local leaders can come up with some ideas to attract new stores and keep the ones we still have.

Revitalizing the mall should be a priority to ensure it remains a vibrant part of Santa Clarita. Efforts such as offering incentives for new tenants, hosting community events, and improving the overall shopping experience can make a significant difference.

Thanks for reading my thoughts on this issue.

Pavi Premadasan

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: The mall is under new ownership, and the company that owns it intends to revamp the mall into more of a “mixed-use” center combining residential and retail uses. The city of Santa Clarita over the past year has been collecting community input and developing a new Town Center Specific Plan, intended to provide an outline for the future changes to the mall and surrounding property. The City Council gave its initial approval to the plan June 25 and it is scheduled to go before the council for a final reading on Tuesday. You can see our story on the June 25 decision here:

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