Letters to the Editor

Brian Richards | Diversity Under Attack?

According to thehill.com, President Joe Biden stated recently that “Americans need to speak up” because “diversity is under attack.”  This is another example of our

Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Marketing 101

We recently moved homes, and now face one of our most important decisions: where to buy our gas. Even though I love the city within

Hart football thrashes Fillmore

By Matt Lechuga  For The Signal  A 43-0 win is impressive by any standard, but for a Hart Indians squad hungry for more, it means

Letters to the Editor

Du Vo | Take Our Community Back

On Aug. 24, 2023, I went to the Valencia Apple Store to purchase a MacBook Air laptop for grad school. I spent $1,700 and I

Letters to the Editor

Philip Wasserman | It’s Just Money?

Arthur Saginian’s grandmother is right (Aug. 16, letters to the editor). “If you need money to be happy, then you will never have enough.” But

Letters to the Editor

Patrick Lee Gipson | Shame on Schiavo

Under current California law, sex trafficking of a child or minor under 18 is not considered a serious felony. Changing the law to make that

Paul Butler: Going the Extra Mile

Paul Butler | Customer Service

Recently, I went to Australia for the first time to speak at a large conference for a client. I was particularly excited, as the event