Letters to the Editor

Rick Barker | Revisiting?

Re: Letters, Jim de Bree, “Revisiting Patriotism,” March 26. Thank you for your kind words, Mr. de Bree, but I believe you totally missed my

Letters to the Editor

Thomas Oatway | A Take-Home Quiz

I have devised a short test to identify how you stand on presidential politics. Here it goes:  1. Does anyone: A) who was indicted for

Letters to the Editor

Philip Wasserman | Staying Here in Cali

I’m not leaving.   It seems everyone is leaving California. U.S. Census data reveals the Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim metro area saw a loss of population

Letters to the Editor

Jim de Bree | Revisiting Patriotism

Over the past couple of weeks, The Signal has published an exchange of letters by Thomas Oatway and Rick Barker discussing whether Rep. Mike Garcia

Come Easter Sunday, eager children wake up to see if the Easter Bunny has visited their homes.

Easter Egg Hunts and Other Eggceptional Traditions

Easter is celebrated in various ways. Traditional religious commemorations include Saturday evening Easter vigils and Sunday morning Resurrection masses. Parents may spend Easter weekend putting