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SCV Chamber hosts employment law update

The Santa Clarita Valley Chamber of Commerce presented its 2021 employment law update with attorneys Brian Koegle and Michael Fostakowski from Poole, Shaffery, & Koegle

Exploring the profit zone

Ken Keller SCVBJ Contributing Writer Profits are much more than increasing revenue and keeping costs down.  There are ten elements in your profit zone, and

SCV businesses tackle yet another reopening

With the most recent stay-at-home order lifted, many of the Santa Clarita Valley’s shuttered businesses can once again resume operations.  “It’s definitely been a roller

Change the way you CAN hear the world

Just like any other technology, hearing aids are always evolving to become more intuitive, perform better and improve the user’s experience. Today’s hearing aids are

Planning for uncertainty in 2021

Tamara Gurney President and CEO, Mission Valley Bank While the unprecedented nature of 2020 took us all by surprise, the challenge moving forward is how

Say something, not just anything

By Paul Raggio Co-owner, One True North  In moments of great, societal peril, I think of Gen. Dwight Eisenhower talking to the 101st Airborne before