Things to Do (retired)

California’s ‘secret’ slopes

California is known for great skiing in Lake Tahoe and Squaw Valley, Mammoth and Big Bear, but the state also has many secret slopes for backcountry skiing, as well as other “snow fun” activities.

Winter break family fun

The holidays are over but the kids are still out of school. What to do? Here’s a few ideas to enjoy Winter break family time.

New Year’s Eve: Celebrate Your Way

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate endings and beginnings. It is time to put the old year to bed, and welcome the promise and hope of a new beginning.

Holiday lights to see in Santa Clarita

During the holiday season, places throughout the Santa Clarita Valley are decorated in holiday lights, attracting crowds from all over the county to experience the city’s festivity first-hand.  Holiday lights

A passion for the call of the wild

Paul Pondella, who is often referred to as “the Wolf Whisperer,” is more comfortable around wolves than he is people. In fact, it was his love for animals and the

Fabulous fall entertainment around town and L.A.

Highlights of the fall entertainment scene include music and more. See a live performance by A Flock of Seagulls at The Canyon, or groove to the music of Summer … Donna Summer at the Pantages in Hollywood.

Fall Festivals & Fun

There are many unique fairs, festivals and expos to enjoy during the months of November and December. From a meet on the beach to a chance to nosh with the Los Angeles Rams, from arts and crafts to camel riding, there’s an event with your name on it!

Fall festivals for a multi-ethnic food adventure

November has perhaps the “mother of all food festivals” and it is called Thanksgiving. The best part of Thanksgiving is that it is held at home, or at any one of several fine area restaurants.

Fall’s top tickets here and over the hill

Summer fun is in the record books and new entertainment options, in the Santa Clarita Valley and “over the hill,” are on the horizon this fall. Here are a few can’t miss events!

The Great Eight California Bike Trails

The Santa Clarita Valley has great places to ride for bicycle enthusiasts. The city offers more than 100 miles of picturesque trails and paseos designed for bicycle use. However, if you’re ready for a little getaway and want to take your bike, the entire state of California also offers great bike trails paired with incredible natural wonders and unforgettable landscapes.

San Diego: trendy restaurants and neighborhoods

San Diego may be the perfect family getaway, but it also offers great restaurants and neighborhoods for grown-up fun. next time you’re looking for a quick getaway, consider these San Diego destinations.

Fall family festival fun

The kids might be back in school, but that doesn’t mean the family fun has to stop. Make some time to enjoy life and make family memories.

California’s must-try golf courses

Golfers in the Santa Clarita Valley are fortunate to have several exceptional golf courses where they can drive, putt and seek that elusive “hole-in-one.”

Where the SCV gathers to get outside

There is something fundamentally healthy about being outdoors. For children, it can give them the freedom to run, jump and play. And while physical activities like these are good for

It’s wine o’clock in the SCV

Enjoying a glass of wine is much more than a companion for a good meal. The tradition that stretches back thousands of years can now be celebrated at a number