Richard La Motte: Some fog in the Kool-Aid

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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Regarding Robert Crone’s Sept. 9 column in The Signal, “Don’t drink the Kool-Aid,” just a few thoughts. He said:

– Donald Trump cannot have Mexico pay for the famous border wall to come. Wrong, Mr. Crone.

Mr. Trump has explained that correcting our huge deficit trade balance with Mexico by re-negotiating the NAFTA treaty would allow us the funds to build a wall. Also, the roughly $250 billion sent back to Mexico each year by immigrants could be taxed or constrained to provide funds.

– Mr. Crone says Hillary’s Democrats will never take away Second Amendment rights. Wrong.

Hillary is on record saying she prefers the “Australian” model of gun control. That model is the one in which the Australian government forced the sale (or confiscation) of privately owned guns, then destroyed tens of thousands of them.

Also, Hillary will appoint from one to three new (progressive) justices to the Supreme Court. They can re-visit the Second Amendment and rule that it does not guarantee an individual right of ownership but a collective one (militias), and in one ruling make all gun ownership illegal.

As an example, read the “new” gun, anti-ownership regulations signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown. The Second Amendment is already undergoing “death by a thousand cuts.”

– I’m confused by Mr. Crone’s stance on abortion. He lobbies in favor of abortion, then suggests Christians follow Jesus’ example to comfort the afflicted. Aren’t the aborted children the real afflicted?

Shouldn’t abortions, as Bill Clinton said, be legal, safe and rare? Why is a person who kills a pregnant woman charged with two murders?

– Mr. Crone likes regulations and feels they protect us from the (evil) greedy rich, and no politician would propose anti-business laws. But anyone in business in California, not to mention the whole country, knows the cost of government regulation compliance grows every day.

Dodd-Frank, unclear and open to whimsical bureaucratic interpretation, is one such law. Hillary and Obama have already said they will destroy the coal industry, throwing thousands out of work.

Some cheer this as “responsible environmentalism,” but when the jobs stop so do the paychecks and pension contributions – who will pay? This year, for the first time in American history, more small businesses failed than opened for a net negative impact on employment and wage growth. Why? Growing taxes, regulations and imposed wage laws.

– Hillary/Bengazi. Mr. Crone belabors the idea of continued investigation but fails to realize that new revelations are being disclosed daily, often because relevant information was intentionally stonewalled and/or destroyed, meaning that there has never been a complete investigation based on all the facts. This goes for the State Department link to the Clinton Foundation and Mrs. Clinton’s destruction of thousands of relevant e-mail communications on her private server.

– As for Republicans being the party of do-nothing, Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., has delayed and side-railed bills to fund combatting the Zika virus in Florida for political reasons, denying eradication efforts to an ever-growing list of infected Floridians.

Some Republicans trying to resist what some see as progressive tyranny are labeled as “obstructionists.” We need more of them, not fewer.

Richard La Motte is a Valencia resident.

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