Arif Halaby: Re-elect Knight; he has our backs


This election season has been filled with drama and accusations from both sides of the political spectrum. What seems to have been lost in the national debate is the local issues that we face in Santa Clarita.

Our congressional district is unique in many ways. Steve Knight grew up here, served here, and patrolled here as a Los Angeles police officer.

As wonderful of a person his opponent may be, there is no way anyone who has been here for weeks could understand the needs and nuances we have.

We have physical terrain that stretches from three different valleys to one of the largest deserts; we have commerce that includes aerospace, entertainment, manufacturing and mining.

All of these areas involve small businessmen and women who are trying to cope in an ever-changing regulatory world, all the while supporting their families and the families of their employees.

I am one of those small business owners who is doing my best to determine the best way to run my business during the very difficult times.

The experience that is needed in Washington, D.C., is one that is proven. I have witnessed the leadership of Steve Knight as his partner nearly 25 years ago on the Los Angeles Police Department.

When nobody was looking and with zero political aspirations, Congressman Knight served the people of this district with integrity and honor. He made the tough decisions in the middle of the night, without anyone looking over his shoulder.

He made the right decisions that were always in the best interest of the people he served. Congressman Steve Knight could be trusted then and he can be trusted now to do the right thing.

Congressman Steve Knight understands what the district needs during this difficult time, and what small businesses need to continue to employ people and rebuild the economy.

I trusted Officer Knight to watch my back in a dark alley then, and I trust Congressman Steve Knight to put us back on track now.

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