Dennis Fuerst: Smith doesn’t merit public trust

Christy Smith, Dante Acosta

Another day, another hit mailer sent by Christy Smith’s puppeteers in the California Democratic Party making false claims against Dante Acosta.

This blatant dishonesty has been thoroughly researched – found to be false – and repudiated by The Signal.

Ms. Smith has the power to stop these mailings, but in choosing not to do so she has shown the citizens of Santa Clarita that she has no ethical basis for her campaign. Apparently she thinks that if a lie is repeated frequently enough, some people will believe it to be factual.

Let’s hope that Ms. Smith is not rewarded by Santa Clarita voters for her continued misrepresentation of Mr. Acosta. Based upon her deceitful and dishonest campaign tactics, Ms. Smith is not the kind of person who should be placed in a position of public trust.

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