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The Signal invites readers to send us letters to the editor discussing their expectations from the Trump presidency.

Tell us about your hopes and fears for the new administration, and feel free to outline the priorities you think Donald Trump should have as he prepares to enter the White House.

Send your letters or columns with your name, address and phone number to Check out “Send letter to editor” or “Send us a column” on the Opinion drop-down menu at our website

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  • tech

    I don’t expect anything from President Trump other than to get oppressive government out of the way so PEOPLE can innovate, problem solve and grow our way out of the extant economic doldrums.

    Release the shackles and freedom will direct our path.

  • Nishka

    “What do you expect from President Trump?”


    • tech

      More cognitive dissonance from someone that’s wrong about… well, just about everything.

  • I expect Trump “the Anti-Politician” as the Signal so famously dubbed my editorial, will go to Washington D.C. and rid the system of lobbyist pimps and political whores.. Yep that is exactly how the voters see our government has become. Republican or Democrat. I hope he rids those who dissed him and called themselves Independent. The system is broke. We are fed up. I hope he appoints a cabinet of business smart engineers and professors and not talking head politicians. The socialist elites party is over. You think I am crazy about now. But Trump can do it. You know that by now. Trump is an honest, decent , family man who loves America in all its diversity. It is up to us to realize that and follow in his leadership. 95% of you reading this don’t get it. I supported Trump from day one. Any question of what to expect from President Elect Donald Trump lies on us. Are we ready to grow balls and stand up for the American worker ? Will we support trade deals that don’t involve a WalMart full of cheap crap ? Deals that enable Mom and Pop business to flourish ?. Will we once again hire only legal citizens and not deprive Americans of jobs? Will we honor those who come to America per U.S. immigration laws ? Or will we continue to import and harbor cheap illegal labor ? Will we secure our airports and cities with proven common sense ? I certainly hope the word PC is a part of the past. That whole ” political correct” has gone way too far. Probably evolved from “The powers that be” bullshit . I hope a new phrase of success evolves from his Presidency. I digress…

    I have despised the integrity of the media for some time. It would behoove the Signal to ask real questions in real time. President elect does not take office for two months. In the meantime, When will Hillary Clinton ask the Demonstrators to stop contesting the election ? She spread so much fear and hate in her campaign and even was crass when asking if Mr. Trump would concede if he lost. The rioters are ridiculous. When will the media concede that Mr. Trump is not the racist hater by proof of his “upset” election. In his first statement interview a he asked anyone, supporter or not, to inform him of what he can do for them. Why is it simple remarks like that get passed by the media ? Obviously America has spoken and yet the tone is to still challenge him. The media is as twisted as our Government and does a deplorable job in general when reporting on politics. Is it not the norm to support the President elect ? If not then put one more thing on my wish list.

  • nohatejustdebate

    The Trump victory was a repudiation of Obama’s failed policies, the overwhelming corruption of Hillary Clinton, the shamelessly biased media, and the out-of-touch GOP elite in Washington.

    I expect President Trump to surround himself with people of excellence. This is how he built his business. With him being a true political outsider and given both Houses of Congress, the Democrats and Washington establishment will have little choice but to follow his lead on policy.

    I expect President Trump to lessen government regulations and ease tax burdens on business owners which will invigorate our stalled US economy.

    I expect President Trump will appoint Supreme Court justices that will make make the court conservative for the next 25 years. If he serves eight years, the court could become as high as 6 to 3 with Constitutional conservatives.

    I expect President Trump to reach across the political aisle to make deals to end the toxic deadlock in Washington. I can see him and Chuck Schumer, both New York guys, sitting down and hashing out compromises that will benefit the American people.

    I expect President Trump will dramatically improve the immigration problem which was a disaster under Barack Obama. Democrats only see illegal immigrants as future Democrats and so it has been encouraged. I believe he will make enforce our immigration laws to greatly reduce the number of illegal immigrants entering the United States and he will deport those who have broken the law.

    I believe President Trump will defend religious freedom guaranteed in the First Amendment. He will overturn the Johnson Amendment which limits free speech from clergy in their churches and he will protect the rights of Christians to live out their faith.

    I believe President Trump will put America first. What a novel idea for an American President.

  • nohatejustdebate

    I expect the media to continue their shamelessly biased coverage. They’ve criticized Trump more in one week than they ever criticized Obama in the last eight years combined!

  • “So what do the voters think President Trump will do? They think he will do what he said he would do — which is the polar opposite of what many professional politicians do. He’s the natural extension of the tea party movement which has been rejecting the establishment arrogance, lies, deficit spending, war on business and corruption. Drain the swamp!

    President Trump will have the most ambitious agenda of this century and one which most Americans have been hoping for and disappointedly anticipating for many years. It will include border security, immigration reform, end catch and release at the border, repeal and replace the failed Obama care and Dodd Frank, lower tax rates, tax reform, repatriate $2 trillion from overseas to invest in our economy, make business loans more available, renegotiate bad trade deals, appoint constitutional conservatives to all of the federal courts, fire Janet Yellen, rebuild our infrastructure, child care tax credits, end sanctuary cities for criminals, send illegal immigrant felons back home, term limits for politicians, expand mental health programs, cyber security, rebuild the military, freedom of school choice, continue to help America to become energy independent through all forms of energy production, reform and streamline regulations, defeat ISIS and the ideology of radical Islamic terrorism with our allies, reform veteran health care, modernize our missile defense system, repeal the death tax, increase standard tax deductions, withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, root out fraud, corruption and waste in government and rescind all of President Obama’s unconstitutional and job killing executive orders. As Paul Ryan has pointed out, they plan on going bold and big from day one.”