Brian Baker: Values under question


The Nov. 1 edition of The Signal published a column by Jonathan Kraut entitled “Choose truth over fear.”

Being familiar with Kraut’s usual approach to politics – a hard-left ideologue – I was pleasantly surprised by his even-handed tone and approach – right up to the point where he wrote: “Clinton has my vote … and I think it’s trivial that a private computer server setup for her personal emails may have contained some business emails.”

There’s nothing “trivial” about blatantly ignoring and violating federal statutes on securing classified data. Nor is there anything “trivial” about using that email rig to avoid Freedom of Information Act accountability on the unclassified data. But that’s exactly what she did.

She and her accomplices knowingly violated federal law, then participated in a spree of evidence destruction and associated corruption that makes Nixon and his Watergate hombres look like rank amateurs by comparison.

If he thinks that’s “trivial,” then it’s his values and ethics that come under suspicion.

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