John Kiernan: Non-vote is better than this choice


With less than one week left before what some are calling the most important election of our lifetime, we are left with the two most questionable (that’s the nicest word I could find) candidates in history.

Let’s review. If one candidate wins she is likely to be indicted, more emails will surface, more explanations that no one understands, plus we get the bonus of the old philandering former president as our first … um … gentleman.

And there will be more questions on Benghazi and big banks speeches.

If the other candidate gets in, will he really sue American citizens, all 11 them? (Those numbers are getting Bill Cosby-like; at some point every one of them cannot be lying.)

A president who has used the system, albeit legally, to go bankrupt six times in order not to pay certain contactors; we will likely never see his tax returns – you know, the ones that show he paid no taxes for as many as 18 years?

So what is an independent left to do? I was going to vote for Gary Johnson the stoner (admitted) who could not name any world leader and had no idea what, who or where Aleppo was. Jill Stein is clueless on national affairs.

So there is a very large group of voters just like me who have voted in every election since the age of 18 who will not vote for any presidential candidate this year.

Yes, I will vote for all the props, all down ballot candidates as well, but I refuse to sell my morals just for the sake of voting for president.

And I further resent those who say I am wasting my vote. I would rather have a non-vote of confidence over voting for two people who are liars, racists, homophobic and xenophobic.

It’s sad that this is the first and only election in my life that I am dreading no matter what the outcome. Pray for America…

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