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More than 64,223,958 voters didn’t vote for Trump knowing that fear, hate and lies would only deepen over the next four years.

Besides knowing how erratic and thin-skinned Trump is and  his spewing of hate, fear and lies during the campaigning, there is now a double  concern for the American people in his choice of his presidential Cabinet.

There is not a positive feeling about their way of thinking on how to govern a country that needs stability. These pending Cabinet members are fear-mongers and deniers of climate change.

And if climate change is not handled properly, it will destroy this beautiful planet of ours.

On the life-sustaining social issues that are safety nets for so many, these Cabinet members don’t seem to have any empathy or compassion for the people who need help to achieve “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”


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  • Brian Baker

    Then, of course, there are the tens of millions who disagree with you 100%; who think the change in direction of the country is an awakening from a dismal nightmare; and that the politicization of “climate change” is a huge scam.

    Guess which side won the election?

    • Ed Shalom

      Guess who rigged the election with treasonable collusion with the Russians ? Guess who enjoyed the victory party for the attacks upon our democracy ?
      Guess what: ..those who dedicate themselves to be the gatekeepers of the SCV, entrusted with preventing any exposure of the Don Juan coup, because they feel they are protecting against “the barbarians at the gate”, are gonna have very sore butts after they realize the barbarians are IN the gate….on the other hand, maybe they enjoy the whipping….

      • Brian Baker

        “… treasonable collusion with the Russians”?

        The usual Dem/socialist paranoid hysterical conspiracy theories. Utter nonsense. And oh, by the way, exactly WHAT was revealed by those hacked emails?

        Truth. The simple truth… about the corruption of the entire DNC machine, and Clinton and her cronies, and their collusion in stealing the nomination from Sanders, as well as the lies surrounding her illegal home email rig, the collusion of the allegedly “objective and neutral” mainstream media, right on down the line. As I wrote about in my column, which was published today.

        But the problem is, to quote Jack Nicholson, you can’t handle the truth. Thus the hysterical whining from you guys on the losing left.

        “Gatekeepers of the SCV”?

        What’s that even supposed to mean? (That was a purely rhetorical question, BTW. I really couldn’t care less what you think you mean)

        You really need to stop with the lame attempts at personal insults. You really aren’t very good at it.

        • lois eisenberg

          “The usual Dem/socialist paranoid hysterical conspiracy theories. Utter nonsense. And oh, by the way, exactly WHAT was revealed by those hacked emails?”

          AND OH AND BY THE WAY “Comey has joined with the CIA’s conclusion that Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election was intended to help elect Trump as president — not just to undermine the U.S. electoral process more generally.”

          • Brian Baker


            Goooood grief, Lois. You’re as bad as Shalom. Again, WHAT was revealed in those hacked emails?

            TRUTH. FACTS.

            You guys might actually have something to screech about if they hadn’t all been TRUE.

            Clinton hung herself, along with her cronies. All they had to do was NOT BE CORRUPT. I guess that was just beyond their capabilities.

      • Ron Bischof

        “Gatekeepers of the SCV”

        There must always be an “enemy”, right? 😀

  • lois eisenberg

    This is a dismal nightmare;

    Stock market has exceeded an all-time high !
    Homes have returned to or exceeded all time value highs !
    Savings are secure at your your-now secure banks!
    Businesses are largely robust!
    Air and water are cleaner!
    Fuel is less expensive!
    Renewable energy is quickly rising !
    Unemployment is less than 5% !
    Many social issues have come into play!

    • Brian Baker


  • Brian Baker


    Good times! Good times!

  • lois eisenberg

    “In his final month before leaving office, President Obama made an important mandate that will essentially protect Planned Parenthood from the administration to come. His administration’s Department of Health and Human Services issued a regulation of Title X of the Public Health Service Act that makes certain that women’s health organizations that provide abortions — Planned Parenthood incl

    GUESS WHO’S SIDE WON THIS ??????????????????

    • Ron Bischof

      Certainly not the innocents that will be slaughtered, Ms. Eisenberg. I find it quite distasteful that you crow about this regulation as a political victory in your post.

      Certainly those that value life will hope for more compassion and respect going forward.

  • lois eisenberg

    Planned parenthood mandate protection plan !!!!!!~

    • Brian Baker


  • lois eisenberg

    Trump’s cabinet is going to look like a oiled machine (pun intended ) !!!!!!

  • lois eisenberg

    “To be President, Obama had to be scholarly, intelligent, President of the Harvard Law Review, the product of some of our greatest educational institutions, capable of talking to two different worlds.”
    “Donald Trump had to be rich and white. That’s the difference.”
    That is a major difference and time will bare this out !!!!!!

    • Ron Bischof

      Why do you continue to quote others without attribution, Ms. Eisenberg?

      This content is from writer Ta-Nehisi Coates during his appearance on The Daily Show and is part of a larger apologia for Obama’s “legacy” published in The Atlantic.

      Do you agree with his premise? If so, please direct me to “Professor” Obama’s “scholarly” peer reviewed published papers, Harvard Law Review commentary, academic record, etc.


  • Ed Shalom

    I find it remarkable that the consensus of the major intelligence forces of the US have agreed that Russia attacked our democracy (see link below) but what is really remarkable is that those who agree with all US intelligence agencies about “meddling” like to say there is no basis to conclude the goal was to sway the election….there is NO doubt that this criminal operation was smart enough to KNOW they were helping Herr Trump, and any patriotic American can see this too. What is extra revealing is all the denials from the sex criminal Don Juan, who lied about when he first learned of this attack upon the United States. His ignorant comments about hacking only make his criminal collusion with this coup more obvious….If Humpty Trumpty got 3 million votes more than Hillary, he would be screaming (red in the face as ever) IT WAS RIGGED !!!
    We must give the reptilian Lover Boy credit however: how better to insulate himself against the realization that his victory was rigged in the most treasonous manner, that to accuse other of rigging ?
    It is the highest form of treason to ignore this obvious attack upon our country for political reasons…what a sick commentary on Don Juan lemmings..Et tu, brute ?….

    • Ron Bischof

      The compromise via pedestrian phishing emails of DNC accounts and Podesta’s gmail ≠ an attack on our “democracy”. These are not official U.S. Government accounts. Your post’s assertion of “treason” is risible as are your hyperbolic polemics, Mr. Shalom.

      Are you positing that the whistleblower revelation of political skullduggery damaged the Democratic Party and aided President-Elect Trump? Isn’t that an untenable position? What’s in the public interest?

    • Brian Baker
  • lois eisenberg

    Couldn’t resist this one:
    Trump’s cabinet jester:
    Rick Perry’s appointment to EPA as secretary who wanted to abolish the EPA that he
    couldn’t even remember ( OOPS) when he was campaigning is hysterical !!!!

    • Gene Walker

      This from a woman that can’t decode “Right Lane Must Turn Right”.

  • Ed Shalom

    I am writing this “white paper” based upon perception of a
    clear and imminent danger to our country – it will be sent to the FBI.

    For the very first time in our history, we are about to have a President who owns very significant assets, both property and intellectual, distributed in many places in the US and around the world. Compounding this is the announced intention of the President-elect to maintain ownership and control of these assets throughout his Presidency, including the intimate involvement of his children.

    Until recently, the implications of this impending situation have only been discussed from a “conflict of interest” perspective. This is understandable, based upon our first reactions.

    Upon deeper thought, the implications of the planned arrangement raise questions, and perhaps threats, that are not just based upon financial interests, but which impact, in a very direct and threating way, our physical security.

    This observation is obvious: in numerous locations around the world, such as luxury hotels and golf courses, or consumer products such as clothing, ties, suits, and so on, the assets of the President of the US will be directly accessible to the public at large. From a financial standpoint, the conflict of interest perspective deals with another obvious point: to the extent that the public either patronizes or avoids the Trump “brand”, it is a back door to influencing national politics (hopefully, if the Democratic half of this country are smart , they will boycott and divest themselves of all things Trump).

    But the true threat is not financial, but based upon safety and security for all US residents. The fact that the assets of the POTUS are spread over so many arenas that are accessible to the general public means thatvthey are vulnerable to numerous threats to both property and persons that can be either domestic or foreign.

    For example, hotels are exposed to various forms of terrorism, either domestic or foreign, such as physical means that include guns and explosives, and biological attacks that can include the use of poisonous chemicals such as anthrax. Products such as clothing, ties, suits, and so on are susceptible to contamination as well.

    As such, for the safety of our public areas to the general public, as well as for the safety at the staff in the hotels and stores that carry the Trump brand, these threats must be acknowledged ASAP, and should be significant drivers in our national plans.

    It seems clear to the that these treacherous waters can be avoided at very little downside to all parties involved. The primary driver must be to insure the safety of all those involved in the staff and/or customers of Trump enterprises. The one and only way to achieve this is for all
    assets Donald Trump to be sold and put into a blind trust. This arrangement is by the far the very best for the population at large, which should not have to deal with fear related to
    consuming Trump’s products.

    Much has been made of arguments such as the US bought into this sticky mess, it has been “baked into the cake”, and so on. First of all, Donald Trump has talked about a blind trust, albeit in a very illogical way. Secondly, the fact that dangers in this “new world order” were not
    identified at first does not mean we should ignore them.

    We are constantly hear that Donald Trump’s family love America, so here’s a very simple way for them to show it. Since were told about they are all worth hundreds of millions of dollars, even after a “fire sale” of their assets, they will be financially secure for generations:
    how many blue-collar Trump supporters can say this? Further, if there are any dangerous incidents regarding Trump properties, such as hotels, these assets could plummet to

    The intent of this white paper is to point out something thathas not been in the public discourse regarding a Trump presidency, and to “ringthe alarm bells”, and make it clear that a genuine blind trust for Donald Trump’sassets is absolutely required for the safety and security of all citizens – if theTrumps really love America as they claim, they can help the rest of us to take
    part in the physical security that they enjoy in Trump Tower. If they refuse,they should be held accountable for endangering the safety of our citizens for their financial gain, and “locked up” if a single American suffers from their greed.

    • Ron Bischof

      May I suggest you publish your “white paper” in a public form online, Mr. Shalom?

    • Brian Baker

      Or perhaps on a roll in a dispenser in the rest room, which is about all it’s good for.

      I’m sure the FBI — o-o-o-o-o-h! — isn’t going to much care about your “white paper” opinion, but what the hell? I’m sure they’ve got plenty of trash cans over there.

      Incidentally, you probably missed it the many times I’ve mentioned it before, since you don’t seem to pay much actual attention to what anyone else says, being so busy ranting as you are, but I used to be an intelligence agent. If some “walk-in” — which is what you’d be classified as — were to have presented such a “white paper” to us when I was in that biz, we’d have thanked him politely, gotten him out the door, and he’d have been the butt of our jokes for the rest of the day. Just FYI.

      On the other hand, props where props are due. You actually managed to write something that wasn’t peppered with your signature weird sexual obsessions. Kudos!

    • Gene Walker

      Geez Edna, you keep saying you’re going to do this and do that…do you ever actually follow through? You say you’re going to turn me in to the Sheriff, you say you’re going to get me banned from The Signal, and yet nothing ever happens. Either you talk and don’t act, or your actions bear no fruit.

      My evidence? Here I am, a free man, writing about how impotent you are on The Signal.

      You know, and I know, and everyone else here knows you are never going to contact the FBI. We also know that if you ever did, you and your “white paper” would be laughed out of the field office in a pair of seconds.

      You are all mouth, and no action.

      Why don’t you give the tough guy act a rest? You are ill-equipped to back it up. We can all see right through you.

  • Ed Shalom

    It seems that the infamous (and counterfeit) “Capt. Gene” has been outed….but who cares ?
    The material in the Utube video below has been sent to the FBI – if the bogus Captain approves, I will forward his remarks to the FBI, and he is free to insert them as Comments on Utube, so more people can appreciate his personality…If he wants proof from the FBI that I contacted them, I am sure they will be happy to oblige him.

    • Ron Bischof

      Did you send a “Utube” (sic) video or the “white paper” you discussed previously to the FBI, Mr. Shalom? Please clarify.

      Also, if it’s the latter, is there a web site you’ve shared the document on, allowing public access?

    • Gene Walker

      “Outed”? How so?

      Please, oh please send my comments to the FBI. Make sure you spell my name right!

      Perhaps after you experience yet another failure to get others to enforce your will you will rethink your totalitarian tactics and instead try using open discussion, rich with reasoning and logic instead of threats.

      Or not.

      I, for one, find your inability to get traction with even one of your multiple complaints wildly entertaining! Please continue to get butt hurt at every one of your perceived slights.