Betty Arenson: Unity of obstruction

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Regarding columnist Kevin Buck’s “On the grifter and rubes” published Dec. 6 in The Signal: Here are a few quotes that will tell everyone exactly how the Democrats plan to “unite,” “heal the country” and “work together” – among other rhetorical catch phrases – in the next four years.

As for the unity Democrats have been crying about for years, the plan, as Buck reports, is to engage in:

1. “Obstruction to every single proposal, delay and destroy any and all administration policies, regardless of whether or not it has merit.”

In other words, if any proposal is good for American families, obstruct it.

2. “Make sure every nominee who needs Senate approval is delayed or denied the post for which they have been nominated.”

Obviously, Buck overlooks Republicans who voted for Obama’s nominations of liberals Sotomayor in 2009 and Kagan in 2010 for Supreme Court justices.

3. “Above all, be sure that everything that can be done to ensure Trump is a one-term president is done.”

First, who says Trump wants to run again and second, Democrats act like this plan is new.

Every election is about the opposition planning to unseat the incumbent after one term. Laughable; the notion is not a revelation.

There you have the chart for unity, America. This is the plan from petulant Democrats when they don’t win.

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