Judy Reinsma: Thanks for Wayman’s ongoing service to SCV

Rosalind Wayman (center) with members of the Santa Clarita Artists Association. Courtesy photo

I was extremely pleased to read that Supervisor Kathryn Barger will be retaining Rosalind Wayman and the excellent staff in the Santa Clarita office that has served our community so well over the past 10 years.

Rosalind is indeed an asset to our community, as well as to the supervisor’s office. She is always available to hear the concerns of citizen, and, if she cannot give you an immediate answer to your problem (and isn’t it always a problem?) she gets the information you need rapidly and works to give you answers.

When the residents of San Francisquito Canyon’s rural horse-keeping community sought, several years ago, to protect themselves from urban development by obtaining a rural Community Standards District, her assistance and expertise were invaluable.

From explaining procedures, to facilitating meetings with the proper county agencies, to just plain being there whenever things got complicated, she provided an informative and calming presence.

It will be a good feeling to know that Rosalind Wayman will still be there whenever Santa Clarita residents need to contact our supervisor for the Fifth District, Kathryn Barger, serving us as citizens and providing Supervisor Barger with the benefit of her years of experience and knowledge of our community.

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