Brian Baker: Get used to it

Mike Rix makes a photo of Holly Cleeland of Burbank as she stands beside a cutout of Donald Trump before they watch the debate with other Trump supporters at the Salt Creek Grille. Photo Tom Cruze/For the Signal

In Tuesday’s edition of The Signal, a column by Jonathan Kraut entitled “Grassroots rallies: a new unity” and discussing Trump’s presidency makes it pretty clear that neither he nor his cohorts get it.

He wrote: “The Trump phenomenon has awakened the often-silent and passive American public.” That’s exactly 180 degrees backward.

The Trump phenomenon is the result of the awakening of the often-silent and passive American public.

This awakening was heralded by the rise of the Tea Party and followed by the loss of both chambers of Congress to Republicans.

But for eight long years, despite plenty of signs of this growing unrest, the Democrats and socialists continued to trample on the Constitution and people’s rights and pocketbooks.

Eight years of having hugely unpopular programs like Obamacare shoved down their throats.

Of a feckless president with “a pen and a phone” telling Republicans they “must sit in the back of the bus” when it comes to engaging in policy decisions, while he trampled all over the separation of powers by abusing the power to issue executive orders.

Years of Senate Dem/socialists changing Senate rules at whim to suit their own agenda, marginalizing GOPers.

Of trying to radically reshape the fundamental nature and values of this country by forcing small business owners to act in violation of their sincerely held religious beliefs, as well as allowing men to decide for themselves that they want to use the ladies restroom or shower facilities.

Of putting the interests of illegal aliens above those of citizens and legal residents in matters of economics and, more importantly, safety; just ask Kate Steinle’s father.

All of that, and so much more. And Kraut accuses Trump of “reckless, narrow-minded and indiscriminate” policies? All I can say is “Wow.”

I’m sure that after decades of tepid, and sometimes non-existent, pushback from Republicans, the Krauts of this world are totally shocked to find themselves facing a GOP president who is actually following through on his campaign promises, and who doesn’t care what they or their mainstream media allies think of him.

We haven’t seen such behavior since Reagan. It must be very distressing!

Well, all I can say is: Get used to it.


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