Darlene Chandler: Cruel system survived through hope

Rusty Page carries his foster daughter to a car that will take her, along with several officials, away from the family's Saugus home on March 21 last year. The Supreme Court declined to hear the Pages' appeal last week. Signal photo by Katharine Lotze

My heart hurts so badly for Lexi and the Pages. I’m trying to go about my chores Tuesday morning but just have to add my two cents (“Supreme Court declines to hear ‘Lexi’case,” Jan. 10 in The Signal).

I am 80 years old, a grandma of two beautiful adopted baby girls. It only took seven years, five agencies and six babies before we got one and several more months before we got the second.

The system resembles a circus! The people who are so ready and qualified to have a baby in their lives jump through hoops over and over again.

They have visitation with parents, siblings and grandparents who can never have these babies in their care because of their backgrounds, but the want-to-be parents must go through the process anyhow. Tell me again that this is good for the child or parents to-to-be. I think not.

If you question, and we did – only twice because the answer was: Well, we could take the baby. What kind of an answer is that? I don’t know what the system calls it – I call it blackmail!

We’ve got ours and I am so grateful.

About Lexi: Why, if they had to be adopted by Native Americans, do they even allow members of the general public to foster them? It’s cruel! It takes so little time to become attached, babies as well as adoptive parents.

We need to revamp the system. It is so needed. It’s not about the children – it’s about money. Hope they sleep well at night.

The Pages and we have had many a sleepless night. All we have left is hope. Keep hoping, Pages!


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