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I’ve recently seen plenty of my more left-leaning friends repeat protest phrases like “We’re better than this” and “This is not my America.”

Not only is this counter-productive to addressing critical issues that have plagued this nation since its conception, but it also is a false statement altogether.

We are not better than robbing the indigenous of their land; we are not better than enslaving fellow human beings; we are not better than abusing marginalized groups. This is our America.

We, as contributors to American society, have all had a hand in creating the current situation, whether indirectly or directly. If liberal individuals cannot realize that even they are complicit in the creation and development of this America, then they cannot effectively address the issues as they promise to do.

Thinking deeply and critically about one’s own involvement – the institutions that you benefit from, the histories that have led to your birth – in the development of modern America is crucial to enacting positive, inclusive change.

Nobody singlehandedly facilitated the election of such a president. However, we have all contributed, in some way, to the rise of a hateful, horrendous administration regardless, and we all have to admit it if we’re going to confront ingrained, longstanding prejudice not only within our society, but within ourselves.

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  • Gil Mertz

    “we all have to admit it if we’re going to confront ingrained, longstanding prejudice not only within our society, but within ourselves.”

    That in itself is a highly prejudiced statement, Mai. Some might even say hateful and horrendous which makes you guilty of the very thing you’re condemning.

  • K. Hebert

    Mai, can you please elaborate on what you mean by, “Nobody singlehandedly facilitated the election of such a president.” It is the “such a president” portion that has me confused.

    • Gil Mertz

      K, I think Mai defines it in the next sentence as “a hateful, horrendous administration”. Perhaps Mai could elaborate on what is meant by hateful and horrendous after just three weeks in office.

  • Brian Baker

    “we all have to admit it”

    Ummm, no. Touchy-feely alt-left nonsense. Collective guilt by association. In fact, I happen to think this country was working pretty darned well until the radical left started hijacking the traditional Democrat party starting around 1968.

    Was it perfect? Nope. But then, nothing devised by mankind ever is, or possibly can be.

    I got a real chuckle from her mentioning “my more left-leaning friends”. Wow. They must be SO far left that they’ve fallen off the edge of the map.

  • Kriss

    You better start looking in the mirror for the hate… all I see is hate from the left. We put up with the worst president that the United States has even been saddled with. Unpresidented illegal invasion, obamacare (the biggest white elephant ever hoisted on the middle class), our military stripped, lying about what the jobs numbers were, worst race relations since the 50’s, billions missing, a Secretary of State that sold us out, the dem candidate that should have been under indictment, getting the questions from the dnc ahead of her debate, fake news… We didn’t protest, burn flags, threaten people, block people from going where the wanted to go or any of the rest of the crap I’ve seen since the election. To tell you the truth, I’m fed up with it all….want to fight? Bring it on, I’m done talking.

  • lois eisenberg

    “This is not my America.”
    This is going to be a fascist, radical intrusive, racist, bigoted, hateful fear mongering
    country which will not make America Great now or ever again, and take America into the depths of disrepair which will not be my America !!!!!!!

  • K. Hebert

    Are you kidding me signal moderator??????? WTF? My post in no way violates your terms and conditions, so what’s up with the deletion?

  • wooter

    In a Democracy, it is the majority that determines the direction we choose. In the case of the U.S.A. it is the electoral college votes that determine the winner. The choices Democrats made with regard to their choice of candidate, and their game plan were such that a number of formerly blue states that had previously voted for Bill Clinton and Barack Obama voted instead for Donald Trump. Those who lament the choice of the administration for the next four years really need to ask themselves where was the passion, activism and fervor so apparent now, during the primaries and the election? It is my personal belief that both parties need major overhauls, because the people have spoken, and they were not happy about the choices they were given, as proven by Trump handily beating 14 establishment candidates, despite his outrageous behavior, and the polls being totally wrong about the eventual outcome of the election.