John Mahaffey: Hey, Signal, we are not all Muslim!


I take exception to your cartoon published Jan. 31. In Santa Clarita, we are Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Hindu, Mormon, etc.

This “community” newspaper has been leaning more and more leftist with every issue printed. When did you decide to head into the abyss that the country just clearly rejected?

It’s bad enough that the mainstream media is constantly bombarding us on every newscast and most TV series with their leftist rhetoric, but now we have to pick up our local paper and have it shoved down our throats even more?

Now that you have included the clearly left-leaning USA Today in your pages, we have to plow through all their progressive garbage in order to maybe find some local sports! Why don’t you just fold in the New York Times and be honest about it?

President Trump’s orders said nothing about Muslims. It’s a lie by the media to say the president specifically banned Muslims.

And here it is with my hometown “community” newspaper drinking the Kool-Aid publishing this cartoon. Where were your leftist editorials when Obama did the same thing in 2011?

I’ve lived here 40 years and subscribed to this paper the whole time and am truly saddened by what it’s turning into.

God Bless America!

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