Dave Godfrey: The America I knew

Protestors hold up signs on the corner of McBean Parkway and Magic Mountain Parkway in Valencia in November at a demonstration in solidarity with the Women's March on Washington and other such demonstrations. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal

What has happened? I no longer want to see the news or a newspaper. Are we all media puppets now? Pull your strings and you dance to their beck and call?

For years, I have seen presidents come and go. Half I didn’t vote for or didn’t like their political views. That’s OK – America is still great. I survived. The system works better than anywhere else.

I didn’t protest in the streets, utter vile statements about my president or refuse to accept him as legitimate when my guy lost. Not the American way. In America, we accept the results and move on.

Anti-Trumpsters, wake up! He is the legitimate elected leader of America, and if you think he is not your president, you need to grow up, get off the media bandwagon or move to a different country instead of not accepting the obvious and disrupting America’s greatness.

We have never been a country of whiners, sore losers and people so easily duped by the media and their assault on the president. Are we heading in that direction?

No doubt Trump says some outlandish things. But half the country voted for him and that tells me people are tired of politicians, the promises they break and the political stalemate forced upon us by government.

What a breath of fresh air for someone to actually try to solve some of America’s problems. If Trump only succeeds in half of his promises, that will far surpass any politician before him.

The media never knocks on my door for my opinion, or on the doors of the heartland of America who represent the hardworking majority of Americans. The media just wants to stoke controversy and fund their existence.

Seek the positive in all things and think for yourself – rather than being a puppet of others.


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