Zack Travers: Expanding the skate park

SIGNAL FILE PHOTO: Matt Gener, 26, attempts to do a flip trick at the Santa Clarita Skatepark on Feb. 4. Nikolas Samuels/The Signal

I am working on my Communication Merit Badge for the Boy Scouts of America.

My name is Zack Travers and I would like to send you a letter with a couple of reasons why we should look at expanding the Santa Clarita Skate Park.

I use the skate park a lot and there are several levels of skaters using the park. I think that if we expanded the park for different levels of skaters it would do the following:

• Make the park safer for all users.

• Increase the use of the park

• Encourage people to use more safety pads

• The beginners could use smaller ramps and jumps and they could increase in size with your skill level

• Allow families to use the parks without a bunch of big kids around

• Maybe install a picnic area around the skate park for families to use

These are just a couple of ideas and I appreciate your time.

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