Gary Curtis: Anti-Christianity in college becomes battle ground


Anti-Christian bigotry is growing nationwide. In particular, this is being demonstrated in some high schools and on many university and college campuses.
The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ) is one advocacy group defending constitutionally religious liberties secured by our laws. ACLJ is currently taking action in federal appeals courts to defend the faith of Christian students from what it calls “pervasive anti-Christian discrimination.”
Legal action is needed in a variety of specific cases where Christian college students have been denied admission because they “brought up religion,” were told to defile the name of Jesus, or were failed in a class for refusing to agree with an angry, atheistic professor that Christianity is false.
This is outrageous and would not be allowed if the students were Muslim. But Christians have become “fair game,” on certain liberal university and college campuses, for pervasive religious discrimination.

This is blatantly unconstitutional. Believing in God or the teachings of the Bible doesn’t disqualify a religious student from academic study in any field.

Neither should students be mocked by other students or faculty for their faith’s beliefs. Students don’t leave their First Amendment rights behind at the schoolhouse gate.

Let’s stop this illegal, anti-Christian bigotry and accommodate the non-violent practice of religious faith in this “one nation, under God.”


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