Lois Eisenberg: Nutritious school lunches are imperative


I am a proponent of curtailing childhood and adult obesity, which is on the rise due to the intake of too much sugar, too much fat, not enough fruits, vegetables and grains, overeating, and the junk food cycle that Americans are in, making the entire society very unhealthful.

Consequently, I’m alarmed by newly appointed USDA Chief Sonny Perdue’s recent attack on the nutritional focus of the school lunch program initiated by the Obama administration.

Perdue, appointed by President Trump, announced this week he was rolling back nutrition rules that were part of Obama’s Let’s Move campaign.

The changed nutritional rules were championed by Michelle Obama, who planted a vegetable garden on the White House lawn and had many children participate in the planting and maintenance of the garden to encourage healthy eating. And it worked.

The Obama mandate of food management for school lunches is imperative for children’s health.

Our first priority should be our children’s health, and to change the recent mandate on food management for school lunches is a move in the wrong direction. Nutritious foods in school will help the kids to a better and more productive life.

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