Noah Peterson: What’s good in the SCV: Family Promise

Hundreds set up their "homes" for the night during the Family Promise of Santa Clarita Valley, Box City event to raise awareness about homeless families which was held at Valencia Heritage Park in Valencia in Sept. 2016. Dan Watson/The Signal

“In America we do not worship government – we worship God.”

President Trump said that during a recent commencement address at Liberty University. His statement serves as a reminder of how some people see our government as a savior – a divine entity that provides for them.

Too many people rely on government assistance programs for welfare checks, food stamps, Section 8 housing and free health care. The intent of this article is not to judge those in need but, rather, to suggest a different savior.

Places of worship – and not the government – are instruments in the hands of God, used to accomplish his divine purposes. He calls upon his faithful followers to help the needy, feed the hungry, shelter the homeless.

Congregations in the Santa Clarita Valley are answering that call. Through a program called Family Promise, 20 local churches and synagogues are demonstrating a generosity reflective of their beliefs and serving the community while worshiping their God.

They have opened their arms and their doors to hungry and homeless families by providing shelter and daily meals.

But Family Promise doesn’t stop there. It actively assists parents in their pursuit of employment and offers day care for their children while they’re at work.

The collaborative efforts of the Family Promise program’s multi-denominational participants deserve to be recognized. Family Promise is an example of what’s good in the SCV and a reminder that government is not the answer. God is.

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