The rhythm, balance of a good golf swing

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Do you know what a good golf swing looks like?  The answer is probably ‘yes.’  Anybody who has played the game long enough can most likely recognize a good swing when they see one.  But what distinguishes a good swing from a poor one?  It depends on who you ask.

The next time you are at the golf course, just take a few minutes to look around at those that are on the practice range hitting balls.  It’s quite entertaining, because you will see a little bit of everything.  Quite often, your eyes will focus on a particular individual on that range whose swing just looks better than the rest.  Most likely, it isn’t the path of the golf club that catches your attention, but rather it’s the picture that swing is painting in your head.  The golfer with the best swing is typically in balance, and in rhythm.

Rhythm and balance tend to be overlooked for many of you while working on your golf swing.  They are generic ideas, and not nearly complex enough to elevate your golf game to that next level.  Instead, you’d rather work on creating more ‘width’, bowing that lead wrist like Dustin Johnson, or creating ‘lag’ like Sergio Garcia.  And though these can be effective traits to incorporate into your swing, they aren’t what is most important for 90 percent of you who play this crazy game.

Proper rhythm in a golf swing occurs when the speed of your arms matches up with the rotation of your lower body.  Proper balance in a golf swing occurs when your feet stay ‘quiet’ underneath you, and you are able to maintain your posture from start to finish.  Rhythm and balance go hand in hand, and without them you will constantly be fighting your golf swing and searching for that next quick fix.

The golf swing has a lot of moving pieces.  Proper rhythm and balance in a golf swing can quiet down these moving pieces, and that is why certain golf swings look better to you.  The next time you practice, focus on quieting down your moving pieces with rhythm and balance.  I can assure you that you will be pleasantly surprised at how much easier your swing will begin to feel.

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