Thomas Oatway: Low-wage California leads way in GOP downfall

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Overreaching on health care, tax reform and environmental protection will be the Achilles’ heel of the Trump presidency and a GOP Congress.

Turning red states blue is at risk when 24 million lose their health insurance, and tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations shifts tax burdens to an already-diminishing middle class.

Communities whose drinking water is fouled by pollutants will turn some into the next Flint, MI. California, as usual, has led the way, providing a lesson to the rest of the country and serving as a Petri dish for growth of socialist government.

What happened in California was caused by a gradual demographic shift from a healthy and flourishing middle class into a society with too many employed at very low wages, and everyone struggling with housing costs.

More and more Californians are now dependent upon government social services, including millions on food stamps and multitudes who have benefited from Medicare (MediCal) expansion.

This demographic shift has precipitated the demise of the GOP in California, with super-majority Democratic control of the state house and the executive branch.

California lawmakers and voters subsequently enacted punitive taxation of higher-income residents to support Sacramento socialist policies. This is an important lesson for the GOP majority leadership in Washington, D.C.

Economic policies which adversely impact their loyal Red State voters are the surest cure for a moribund Democratic Party.


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