Dick Ramirez: Not in my back yard

SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
SCV Voices: Guest Commentary
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What I read from Dr. Gene Dorio’s eloquent and well-researched article on water supplies to the Santa Clarita area were truths suggesting that our entire community be meticulously diligent in protecting the distribution and monitoring of the quality of our water.

He uses words such as “health threats … that might make our home the Love Canal of the West Coast” and “Could there be … organizations working for their self-interest that might suppress understanding of this health threat?” He does not claim these are certainties, merely possibilities.

Love Canal, Flint, Michigan, our neighbor Porter Ranch, and countless other environmental disasters were the result of greed, measures employing improper expediency, corrupt financial influences and a number of other hidden reasons for not conducting business for the good of the public.

A rebuttal to Dr. Dorio’s letter uses such words as “his commentary is a conglomeration of incorrect and unfound speculation,” “pretty strong words from a doctor implying a likely catastrophe.”

Is Dr. Dorio “chicken little” or is he a “canary in the mine”? If you know Dr. Dorio, you will swear to the strength of his integrity.

As for each of us, what have we got to lose by following his counsel? If he’s wrong, nothing!

If he’s right, think about the property values in Flint, Michigan; areas still shut down in Love Canal; the hell that residents of Porter Ranch have been put through.

In the final paragraph the author of the rebuttal casts aspersions in a sophomoric manner on Dr. Dorio’s professional ethics. Not cool!


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