You don’t need to be perfect

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Do you ever wonder what the most important keys to your golf game might be?

I’m sure that most of you have aspects of your game that you consider strengths, as well as those you consider weaknesses. Some of you, on the other hand, may feel that your entire game is a weakness — that’s an issue we can address later.

We all want to play more consistently, and that boils down to two main components: driving and short game. Any one of my students will tell you that I am constantly preaching these two ideas to them.

My belief is that if you learn to keep your tee shots on the property, and learn to take no more than three shots to hole your ball once you get a wedge in your hands, you will score on a much more consistent basis.

Perhaps the most overrated stat I see kept is that of number of fairways hit during a round of golf. Unless you are golfing at an extremely high-level that involves golf courses with extreme rough, too much focus on hitting the fairway can become a hindrance on your game.

Players tend to tighten up and aim the golf ball down the fairway. This leads to an uncommitted golf swing, and generally poor results.

Let’s face it, most of us are not playing golf courses that have much more than minor rough and a few trees. Learn to be less concerned with hitting the fairways and you will swing more confidently, and you’ll also start hitting the golf ball farther.

As you get closer to the green, you should focus on learning to get your ball in the hole in three shots or fewer. I’m not referring to distances much further than you can throw a golf ball.

Too often, I will watch a player hit some great golf shots right next to the green, only to eventually take four or five more shots to finish the hole.  Much like with tee shots, I am certain that players are trying to be too precise with their short game and it’s being affected in a negative way.

It’s important to remember that you don’t need to be perfect.

Most of you will score so much better by learning to chip your ball onto the green, and follow that with a two-putt.

It goes without saying that golf is complicated.

We contribute to this complication by trying to be too perfect in certain aspects of our game.

You don’t need to hit every fairway to play good golf. You don’t need to chip the ball close to the hole every time you are near the green.

Just learn to keep your tee shots on the property, and learn to average no more than three shots to hole your ball as you near the green. I can guarantee that these simple ideas will prove to make a huge difference in your game.



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