Ed & Joan Dunn: Unstack the deck: Oppose Senate Bill 634


We oppose Senate Bill 634, the measure that supporters claim will save Santa Clarita Valley water district customers money by merging retailer Newhall County Water District with wholesaler Castaic Lake Water Agency.

The trouble with this proposed law is that it takes away the citizens’ ability to control where and how our water is used. It defeats the democratic process.

In the past 25 years, many excellent candidates have run for office on the Castaic Lake Water Agency Board. Only two have succeeded in winning seats, and each held that seat for only a single term.

The entrenched incumbents’ campaigns are well-funded by the construction industry and a certain large local developer.

A large part of recycled water comes from the eastern part of Santa Clarita, and it is extensively being planned for use and implementation west of Santa Clarita for the same large developer.

The Castaic Lake Water Agency’s history is to break its own law and then try to fix it by legislation, lobbyist, consultants and attorneys, all with their customers’ money. Perpetual lobbyists are retained to help them accomplish their plans.

With this new law, a dictatorship will be created. This proposed law is not for serving all people equally, for their common good. Instead, it is only for serving large development interests.

Please oppose SB 634.


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