Gil Mertz: Just imagining


There is as much evidence that President Trump colluded with the Russians to defeat Hillary Clinton last November as there was that Barack Obama was born in Kenya.

Imagine if the FBI conducted an investigation to determine if Obama was actually born in Kenya or that our federal government would appoint a special counsel to investigate Obama’s Kenyan connections.

Imagine that the mainstream media would run story after story, every day and several times a day, that Barack Obama may actually have been born in Kenya. Imagine panels on CNN and MSNBC insisting that Obama should be impeached because he lied about where he was born.

Imagine Hollywood airheads and late-night “comedians” mocking Obama for being born in Kenya and endlessly attacking him and anyone who voted for him with crude and vulgar insults.

And now consider that this is exactly what is happening in America today with the Trump and Russia fantasy. There are no winners for this disgraceful and deceitful display fueled by hate and intolerance – just different levels of losing.

No one loses more than the American people who want to see our broken government work, lower taxes, improve jobs, resolve Obama’s health-care debacle, address illegal immigration and restore credibility restored to our nation.

Why would any American resist that?


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