‘Go to’ shots: essential in improving your game

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Do you have a ‘go to’ shot?

I’m referring to that type of shot you can trust during a pressure packed moment on the course.

That shot when you need to keep your golf ball in play, but you have lost confidence in your swing.

Tiger Woods had one that he referred to as his “stinger.”
Woods’ “stinger” was a shot he would hit as low to the ground as possible, and he would rarely miss his intended target. I am a big believer in each of you creating a “go to” shot of your own.

To play a more consistent game of golf, you must learn how to play to your strengths.

We all have parts of our game that we are more confident in. For some, this may be your driver. For others, your strength may be your short game.

On the other hand, you also must recognize your weaknesses.

This is where your “go to” shot will come in handy. It’s amazing how often I will watch a player who struggles with their driver continue to hit their driver on every hole.

This inevitably leads to a poor tee shot, which then spirals into a big score.

Rather than continue to hit the driver in this situation, find a club that you have a bit more confidence in. Whether it is a fairway wood, a hybrid, or even an iron. It doesn’t matter.

The point is to choose a club that you trust, make a confident swing and learn to play the hole a bit differently.

If it’s your short game that is a weakness, you should learn to chip differently around the greens.

Most problems I witness around the green are from players working too hard to chip the ball high and get it to stop quickly on the green.

Much like the idea behind Woods’ “stinger,” focus on keeping the ball lower to the ground.

By using a lower lofted club, you will allow the ball to roll more, and this will create a much larger margin of error.

Just remember, the sooner you can get the ball rolling, the less likely you are to create more trouble for yourself.

There are exceptions, of course, but this is a pretty good rule to follow.

Having a “go to” shot in golf is all about hitting the type of shot you have the most confidence in. Lack of confidence creates lack of commitment in your swing, thus creating a tricky situation to recover from.

Learn to hit the shot you are comfortable with, rather than the shot you hope you can hit at that moment. Your “go to” shot will eliminate big mistakes, and your scores will definitely begin to drop.

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