Lois Eisenberg: Trump: Americans expect the truth


Wrote a Letter to the Editor not long ago about how disruptive and deceitful Trump has been in governing the U.S. I feel even more convicted of it now.

Trump was not honest in his campaign rhetoric and he has been dishonest numerous times in his role as president. Trump has deceived and has bamboozled the American people long enough.

We as Americans, and his fellow Republicans, must hold Trump accountable for his misdeeds.

To have a president under FBI investigation for his alleged ties to Russia, obstruction of justice and potential treason is not good for the psyche of the American people.

We as Americans deserve better than this, and Trump has to start telling the truth – if he is capable of doing so, which I doubt.

Trump is of the personality that he believes he is beyond reproach in whatever he says and whatever his deeds are, which he is not.

Trump has instilled this reasoning into members of his administration – they feel they don’t have to tell truth in governing this nation. That makes them immoral, unethical and dishonest.

Trump must take a lie-detector test and testify under oath, along with his administration.

The truth must be told to correct the ills that have been bestowed on America and its people by this president and his administration.

To the president of the U.S.: start telling the truth, and expect the same from your administration.

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