Marilyn Searcy: The other side of Trump

A woman holds a sign supporting President Trump on Valencia Boulevard on March 25. Bill Reynolds/For The Signal

Here’s my response to Arnold Mann’s Letter to the Editor published June 6 and headlined “sucker punched.”

Please do not feel sorry for those who voted for the Republican Party. I, for one, did, and to this day I am still glad I did.

I have to say how disappointed I have been with the Democratic Party’s behavior ever since Trump won the election. All the whining, ranting, rioting, name-calling and destruction they have caused to protest.

What really are they protesting about? President Trump has done more in the short time he has been in office then Obama did in his eight years!

So if you feel Trump’s “look of arrogance” in many photo ops with world figures is to hide his “ignorance,” so be it. It’s just your opinion.

But really? Over pictures? You should put your energy into all the good he has done and is trying to do instead of nit-picking (as so many Dems have been doing) over pictures of what you think he looks like.

Shame on your shallow opinion over photo ops. The Dems should put their energy into something more positive.

I’m sure it would help you become a happier, positive and much better person. We can only hope!

Marilyn Searcy

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