Roger Pida: Signal’s ‘High expectations’ are off base

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It disappoints me that The Signal Editorial Board cannot recognize or even admit that a “bunch of 17-year-spoiled brats” exists, and you state that a school board member should be looking for a new job because he recognized unruly behavior.

It would trouble me when any educator /school administrator or board member could not recognize continuing unruly behavior in one or a group of charges.

It also troubled me that you labeled the crowd unruly when it was an organized attempt to shout down any differing thought other than their own and to intimidate the congressman. There was no intent for the unruly group of  grown-up 17-year-old brats to have any meaningful dialogue.

You were correct, though, when you wrote that we the people want – rather, demand – civility and are sick and tired of the of the conduct of the people who come to these meetings with the sole intent to disrupt and intimidate.

It saddens me that The “Mighty” Signal did not make a statement of its own that the repeated unruly behavior and shouting-down of those with different opinions has to stop, and that other voices be allowed to speak and differences resolved calmly.

I totally agree elected leaders should be held to loftier standards, But the same is expected of journalists. You missed the mark with this editorial.


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