Clark Jensen: We need to recognize the safety hazard that is McBean

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

As a resident of Santa Clarita living in a neighborhood near the tragic deaths that occurred over the July 4 holiday, I was again reminded of the treacherous, scary and deadly nature of the stretch of McBean Parkway from Newhall Ranch Road to Copper Hill Drive.

The design of this portion of McBean comprises long stretches of gradually winding six lanes of traffic divided by a center median of double planted trees.

If you are not a frequent traveler along this 2+ miles, you only need to count the number of missing trees along the center line where too frequently drivers exceed posted speed limits, where visibility is at times limited by trees and curves, cars drift from their intended lanes, and traffic crosses over into opposing lanes (intersections of Cottage Circle/McBean; Decoro/McBean; Skycrest Circle/McBean; Northpark/McBean) all bare scars of missing trees, light poles, public benches etc.

Again on the Fourth of July holiday McBean was the site of another deadly collision; taking the lives of two young people in our community. It is not enough to warn of excessive speed, distracted drivers, and seat-belts. It is not enough to occasionally post traffic enforcement at key intersections.

The leaders in our community need to understand that this road, intended as a beautiful, enjoyable, and effective method of travel can and has been dangerous and deadly. As a resident of the area, I am asking for changes to this stretch of thoroughfare. It is time to recognize a danger in our community, to call it out and address it.

I am asking for the city leaders to insist on an assessment of proposed changes to the design and traffic patterns along this stretch of road. If we only hold our hearts, hang our heads, and say goodbyes to lives lost yet again, we are not accepting our responsibility as citizens in this city, or our commitment to one another to make this a safe community to grow and raise our families.

Clark Jensen

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