Curt Scott: The specter of Charles Manson


Regarding Gary Horton’s Commentary of July 26 (“A principled nation must purge Trump”): Gary starts his column with “So O.J. Simpson is out and Donald Trump is in. What’s next, Charles Manson as Human Resources Secretary after Tom Price gets trashed?”

Ironic that Gary introduced the specter of Charles Manson.

You see, I’ve long held that if the GOP nominated Charles Manson for president, all the little lemmings would push and scramble to get to the polls to blithely cast their ballots for “their party’s designated guy.”

Sigh. All with less forethought devoted to the consequences of their vote as they might muster for a schoolyard tug-of-war.

And when the poll-watchers queried them and asked them why they voted for Manson, their entirely predictable reply would be, as is the case in every election, “At least he’s better than (fill-in-the-blank Democrat).”

It’d be a colossal waste of my time to admonish any of those abyss-plunging voters with, “I told you so.” So I won’t.

Helter Skelter.

Curt Scott is a Canyon Country resident.


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