Noelle De Vita: Standing up for students

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

This letter is regarding Anthony Breznican’s column, “Stop Saying that Parkland students are fakes, actors.”

Mr. Breznican, thank you for standing up for not only the Parkland students—eloquently articulating their rage and frustration—but also for our own Santa Clarita Valley students who marched and spoke with such passion this past Saturday to protest easy access to assault weapons.

Those students demanded action. They advocated for universal background check requirements before gun sales and passing a federal gun violence restraining order allowing courts to disarm people displaying warning signs of violent behavior.

These kids are the ones who are disgusted that they have to do lockdown drills instead of learning because Congress refuses to act, despite high support for common sense gun safety laws.

These kids are doing what we adults have asked of them—using their critical thinking skills to show up and clearly state how we can improve the world they live in, exactly what successful adults do in their workplace.

Attempts to belittle these students by calling them actors just reflects on those people belittling them and shows their smallness, not the students themselves.

I am proud to stand on the side of the students.

Noelle De Vita

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