Carlos Peláez Phoenix: Watching Phoenix as candidate

Photo Courtesy: Jess Phoenix

I’m voting for Jess Peláez Phoenix and it’s not just because I’m married to her. For the last 13 months, I have been present for the debates and candidate forums. The process has been eye opening.

Money plays too much of a role in our elections. Insiders focus excessively on who has the largest treasure chest. The D.C. insiders collect their fees and produce slick looking material to tell a “story.” This is not the way that I thought it worked.

I’m proud of Jess for developing her own platform, speaking from her heart, and as the only candidate with the vision for the district, I want someone like Jess representing me. She has the most number of individual supporters at over 7,000 at an average donation of about $45. This is grassroots. She is an outsider bringing a refreshing voice to politics.

I grew up in Moorpark and Simi Valley. My parents worked as machinists in the aerospace industry during the booming 80’s. They often worked 12 to 16 hours a day to make our family’s life better. This allowed me to attend great schools – Moorpark High School class of 1999 and Moorpark College. I’m also the son of immigrants, in particular my mother was undocumented and received amnesty under Ronald Reagan. The fact that the Reagan library is in Simi Valley makes me think that compassionate conservatism would want to protect DACA, TPS and our undocumented neighbors. I know that we can elect someone who will reflect our values and lead us to a better future.

Jess Phoenix is the only candidate with a vision that will bring green tech jobs to our district. Her position on education includes strengthening public schools and also opening a 4-year university in the Antelope Valley. She is using evidence-based policy making to develop smart solutions to improving healthcare and workings towards universal healthcare coverage.

I believe in Jess and have seen first hand as she has grown as a candidate. She is an exciting candidate with the best platform for our community. Running for office is not easy. Her website is full of interviews with CNN, NBC, CBS and a detailed list of where she stands on the issues. She has worked hard to state clearly her beliefs and let voters know her authentic self. Jess speaks Spanish (important when 38 percent of our district identifies as Latino), understands the issues, will use fact based policy making to make decisions, and she is someone that will bring economic opportunities here to our district.

I hope you consider voting Jess Phoenix for U.S. Congress, too, and check out her website for more information. Together, we will build a stronger future.

Carlos Peláez Phoenix

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