Hilmar Rosenast | Santa Clarita Misses the Mark on Homelessness Prevention

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Letters to the Editor
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I salute the goals for the city to help the homeless and prevention of homelessness! However, so far, in my view, the city has not shown much enthusiasm or effective ways to curb homelessness.

I do have experience with prevention of homelessness; one family at a time. Homeless prevention is a very resource-intensive effort, particularly with the recent high rent increases in Santa Clarita.

Yet, prevention is still less costly and traumatic than being a homeless family and trying to regain independence in a stable environment. (Ask Family Promise). In addition to numerous struggling single mothers with small children, there is also a large number of disabled women on fixed incomes who need regular subsidies with utilities, food and often times rent.

Of course, the real problem is: Why are these mothers single and have multiple children and no father in the picture and no financial support?

I chuckled when I read “increasing income” as one of the goals. How can the city talk about increasing income when it does not even match the L.A. County minimum wage?

Also, instructing the people on how to get public assistance is not a permanent solution but only makes them dependent on it. Most of the homeless know more about these services than we do! Public assistance is for those who have disabilities, etc., and cannot work. All others need jobs!

Also keep in mind that many of the homeless come to Santa Clarita from other areas.

I hope that it will not just remain a plan but will indeed bring some solutions.

Hilmar Rosenast

Stevenson Ranch

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