Darlene D. Peterson | Wheelchair-Bound in a Power Outage?

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Question: In a building more than one story with an elevator that stops when the power goes out, how does a wheelchair-bound person get to the ground floor?

Answer: Someone with help carries the wheelchair and/or the person down the stairs. That seems like such a “horse-and-buggy” remedy in a country that sent men to the moon.

That needs to be changed, and now. We had a power outage in Canyon Country Thursday, July 26. All power was out in a large area.

To understand the seriousness of such a situation, imagine yourself in a wheelchair on an upper floor with no way out.

This is called an emergency situation. Believe it or not, I know of a simple, cost-effective solution.

Businesses with such a problem should step up to the plate and fix it.

Authorities and regulation makers should not stand in the way as usual. Regulations too often become wreck-u-lations and inhibit remedies.

Darlene D. Peterson

Santa Clarita

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