Diane Mahle | Thank You for Examining the Role of Personal Responsibility

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In regards to the “Our View” Signal editorial (June 23), I agree 100 percent.

In 2002 I got my associate in science degree from College of the Canyons, signed by Dr. Dianne Van Hook.

I am what Hillary Clinton called a “deplorable”! Not educated, she says. Well, I got my education and am now 73 years of age.

Here’s my opinion on what you concluded (June 23): I don’t feel I am guilty of what the left accuses me of, such as being a racist. My neighbors are from Colombia, Cuba and Panama. One is a retired nurse and one is a special needs teacher’s helper. I am trying to learn Spanish with my neighbors. We help each other. All are friends here.

You are very savvy, the way you place the responsibility solely on parents.

My father, from Burbank, was an engineer who worked on the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, the fastest airplane. My dad’s brother, my uncle, was also an engineer at Lockheed in Burbank. He built a bomb shelter in his back yard to protect his family. That is what it means to put sole responsibility on parents for their children. My generation, people who went through the Cold War with Russia, were afraid enough to build bomb shelters.

Whatever circumstances they are fleeing, the parents know the risk. So, your article helps me feel better about everyone not being responsible.

Me, the deplorable. I take that personally. That’s why Hillary Clinton lost the election, in my opinion. What’s wrong with zero tolerance?

I don’t hate my Central and South American neighbors. I don’t hate people, period. So, why am I being blamed by the left?

Thank you, Signal, for delving into the responsibility of parents. Great job coming to that conclusion. I am only going to read a newspaper that cares about all, and doesn’t take sides. And, news channels that care about the truth.

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