Glenda Johnson | Here’s Why California Is Penalized as a High-Tax State

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

In answer to Thomas Oatway’s (Aug. 2) ending question, there is another important question for Santa Clarita voters to consider. 

He contends that we are penalized as a “high-tax state” (California). 

Guess why we are in that category? Because for decades we have been controlled by taxes from liberal (Democrat) Sacramento. (Including our newest, the gas tax!) So an important question is:  Will we vote for Gavin Newsom for governor? 

Please, voters, NO.

And to answer Oatway’s final question, Santa Clarita MUST re-elect Steve Knight in order to retain even a small hope for our voice in Washington, D.C.   We can’t afford a “new-by” to represent us back there.

Glenda Johnson

Santa Clarita

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