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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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About a month ago I decided to ride my bicycle starting at the Iron Horse trailhead. It was a beautiful day. As I started there was an easily marked trail on the south side of the dry riverbed. However, as the trail continued east it sometimes became obscure. When I decided it was time to turn around, I realized the sun was starting to set. Looking back at where I started became a rambling puzzle to me.

There were paths and trails going in several different directions. I didn’t have my cell phone.

I was lost. I kept walking my bike slowly as the night began to set in. I didn’t know which direction to go. A glimpse of light flashed quickly above the hillside. I was determined to get to the light. There was no trail up this hill so I dragged my bicycle with me to the top. The lights became brighter as I reached the top, where I found a sidewalk next to a busy road of cars going by.

I rode my bike to the nearest shopping center about half a mile away. From there I was able to get help.

I wholeheartedly applaud your letter (Max Morgan, Aug. 5), “Great City Bike Trails, But…” in the Sunday Signal.

Susan Carter, Castaic

Editor’s note: We’re glad you safely found your way off the trail! Please see this letter from city spokeswoman Carrie Lujan for information on the steps the city of Santa Clarita is taking to improve safety and signage on the city’s network of bike trails.

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