The Signal presents “Behind the Concerts in the Park: Matchbox Twenty Too”

Matchbox Twenty Too got the crowd singing along to song hits, like 3AM and Push / Marilyn Chavez
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As Matchbox Twenty Too took the stage, most of the crowd was unfamiliar with their music or, at least, they thought they were. However, as the sun set and the evening became filled with Matchbox Twenty hits, the audience became mesmerized with songs they recognized.

“Usually, every show, I’ll ask the audience, ‘Did you know Matchbox before you showed up here?’” said lead vocalist Robert Adams of Matchbox Twenty Too. “And a lot of them don’t or they don’t know they do until they hear the songs.”

From the band that gave you familiar hits, such as “3 AM,” “Unwell,” “Bent” and “Push,” Matchbox Twenty Too has been recreating the sounds and experience of a Matchbox Twenty live concert for years.

Although the park had a lower number of people in attendance than some previous shows, the concert had a bit of a mosh pit by the end, with people of all ages dancing and screaming the lyrics of their favorite Matchbox Twenty songs.

Audio of the concert was recorded and edited with the help of Tyler Davis, monitor engineer and recordist. They closed out the night with “Smooth,” a song that the crowd had been waiting for all night.

Next in the Concerts in the Park summer series, Fooz Fighters will take the stage. The concert summer series will run until Aug. 25, and residents are invited to see cover bands sing classic hits.

Performances are held at 7 p.m. every Saturday at Central Park. For information about the summer series and artists who will grace the stage, visit the Santa Clarita Concerts in the Park website.

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