Kevin Eliason | What Qualifies as Homeless?

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Letters to the Editor
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Maybe the city’s new committee on homelessness can finally identify what exactly qualifies as homeless in the Santa Clarita Valley.

As I see it, there are three groups that fall under this homeless “umbrella.”

First are those who by their own choosing desire to be homeless nomads.

They may choose to live in their own vehicle and stand at street corners with their dog or children as props soliciting donations. Get a job or two. Much of this is nothing more than a scam.

Second is the mental and physical group who need assistance because the government closed all the treatment facilities or severely limited service to veterans.

Remember Camarillo State Hospital? Their solution is to “let the police handle society’s problems.”

We know how that worked out. They are not trained mental health workers.

Last are the legitimate homeless who can easily be identified through a valid count by the city.

They need assistance and it can and should be provided according to specific needs, i.e., medical, shelter, (not a tent or cardboard box), jobs and child care. OK, homeless committee… have at it.

Kevin Eliason

Santa Clarita

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