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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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It seems Gary Horton (Sept. 18)blames the situation in Washington, D.C., on polarized politics and then he goes on to describe those folks living in red states as podunk, cow herding beggars. He seems to be more part of the problem than the solution. Apparently, he also wants to abolish the Senate.

He forgets this nation’s beginning as a union of states, and the purpose of our bicameral legislative bodies, the Senate, representing the states, and the House of Representatives, representing the people. His is a “my way or the highway” approach, where the 40 million people in California should tell the other 260 million or so folks how to live.

By the way, one in five of those 40 million Californians live below the poverty level. Thank you Sacramento! I do want to congratulate him on his company’s annualized revenues now exceeding $25 million though, as described in “Landscape Company Grows With Purchase” (The Signal, Sept. 15).

But hey, I’m just one of those deplorables who grew up in one of those podunk states he looks down on, so I’m sure he will ignore my rant.

Thomas Smith


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