Alice Safoyan | Grandma Is Sick of Hill’s False Claims

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

I’m tired of congressional candidate Katie Hill targeting seniors with deceptive ads about Rep. Steve Knight’s record. The fact is Knight wants to strengthen Social Security. He thinks the government shouldn’t be able to get their hands on that money to use for other things. Also, earlier this year I had an issue with Social Security and his office handled it within 24 hours!

I would like to enjoy my day without constantly being interrupted by Katie Hill’s false claims against Knight. There are already too many bad actors trying to scam our seniors. A candidate wanting to be our elected leader shouldn’t be employing false advertising against the people they want to represent.  Instead of distorting Knight’s record, why don’t you talk about what you have done? Oh yeah, nothing…

This grandma is voting Knight for Congress.

Alice Safoyan


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