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Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor
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When considering our Nov. 6 City Council election and those vying to take one of three seats up for grabs, I have carefully reviewed each candidate. As mentioned in my recent Gazette newspaper opinion column, I have plenty of personal history with the three incumbents, Laurene Weste, Marsha McLean and Bill Miranda. And if you read my column you understand clearly why I simply refuse to cast a vote for either Weste or McLean. They gave me an abundance of perplexing grief over my proposal for installing a granite monument at Newhall’s Veterans Historical Plaza that honors SCV’s 49 fallen warriors since World War II. If not for strong community support they would have surely killed our noble proposal. Furthermore, Weste and McLean have been council members far too long.

Having said that, I strongly support incumbent Bill Miranda’s bid for re-election. Bill is an Air Force veteran, a patriot and he was a solid advocate for our Fallen Warrior’s Monument as well as a strong advocate for Santa Clarita’s veteran community. During his brief first term on the City Council he has supported many positive changes for our wonderful city. You talk with Bill for two minutes and it’s clear that he’s friendly, approachable, decent and wise.

I also support a young, bright and upcoming Santa Clarita citizen by the name of Jason Gibbs. I cannot recall how long I’ve known this fine man but the very first time we met for coffee I was completely impressed with his humbleness, his intellect, his patriotism and his outstanding interpersonal skills. During that coffee meeting, without Jason even hinting that he was considering running for City Council, I advised him to throw his hat in the ring. This bright young, patriotic family man is exactly who we need on the City Council. If you don’t believe me make a meeting with him and review his outstanding resume.

Lastly, I am considering my third vote for TimBen Boydston, as without him on City Council we very likely wouldn’t even have our Fallen Warrior’s Monument. I strongly supported his winning City Council campaign some years ago, but to be candid I was troubled with his showmanship on the dais. Therefore, I would need assurances that he would tone that down. TimBen is knowledgeable on city issues, and he’s a dedicated worker, an Air Force veteran and a rock-solid patriot.

Bill Reynolds


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