Judy Reinsma | San Francisquito Canyon: No Phones, No Response from AT&T

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

On Saturday, Oct. 6, the generator that AT&T put here (in San Francisquito Canyon) to power the “repair” they made two weeks ago to our obsolete telephone equipment apparently ran out of fuel. So, we had no landlines in San Francisquito Canyon. Again! Also, the AT&T office that takes trouble calls was shut down the next day.

I guess they were all in church praying that this horribly inefficient company is awarded by getting more and more public communications services and power as they seek to grow into newer areas at the expense of their main business, landline telephones.

Judy Reinsma

Santa Clarita

Editor’s note: The above letter was submitted a little over a week ago, and on Monday, we received the following update from Ms. Reinsma: “Well, our phones in San Francisquito Canyon just went down again. This is an absolute disgrace. Their generator probably ran out of fuel once more. This company has jerked us around for well over a month with on again and off again landlines. Welcome to the new America. We are becoming a third world nation where those with money and clout get good service and those on the fringes get nothing. Bet this wouldn’t be tolerated within city limits.”

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