Out of the Bunker: Remember to keep your knees together

A golfer at the end of her golf swing.

I’d like to revisit a topic that comes up in many conversations. The topic is that of swaying during the backswing.

Of all the four-letter words in a golfer’s dictionary, “sway” is right up there near the top. It’s the reason many players fail to transfer their weight properly in the swing.

Let’s fix that.

I’d like for you to focus on the position of your knees during your setup. More specifically, I’d like for you to set up by pushing your knees towards one another while addressing the ball.

By doing this, you will immediately feel the pressure shifting to the insteps of each of your feet.  For right-handed golfers, you should focus on the pressure being applied to the instep of your right foot.

Setting the pressure to the instep of your right foot helps to establish the pressure point you are trying to maintain throughout your backswing. By keeping your knees pointed towards each other, you will eliminate your ability of swaying in your backswing.

When I watch players who sway, I notice an overly active right knee on the backswing. Typically, the knee moves away from the target, thus shifting the weight to the outstep of the foot. Remember, you want to keep the pressure on the instep of your back foot.  This is made easier by pointing your knees towards each other in your setup.

There are so many dynamics to consider when working on your golf swing. I know the list very well:  keep your head down, keep your left arm straight, don’t look up and slow down.

The list goes on and on.

The next time you go out to practice, focus on pushing your knees towards each other during your setup. You will quickly begin to recognize the weight staying on your insteps.

Keep your knees together, and have a great week.

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